Patient Education

Surgery Care

  • NOTE: These instructions are basic and may vary according to your doctor's instruction.

    A nurse from the Surgery Center will call you, a day or two before your scheduled surgery. They will go over instructions with you such as:

    • Your current and past medical history

    • Your current medication list and any changes

    • Verify your procedure

    • Verify your surgeon

    • The nurse will let you know when to arrive

    • The nurse will tell you when to stop eating and drinking (generally 7 hours before surgery)

    • The nurse will advise you NOT to wear: jewelry, perfumes/colognes, or eye make-up

    • Please bathe/shower with soap and water, be sure your finger nails and hair are clean.

    • Please bring your insurance card and a valid picture ID

    • If you use insulin or inhalers, please bring them with you

    • Bring all of your eye drops and your sun glasses to the Surgery Center

    • Remember you will need a ride home if you receive anesthesia. Also, if you receive anesthesia, you will need someone to stay with you for 24 hrs.

  • NOTE: These instructions are basic and may vary according to your doctor's instruction.

    Post-Operative Ophthalmic Surgery Discharge Instructions


    • Resume your normal diet

    • Continue taking your regular medications.

    • You may shower or bathe tomorrow morning. Do not get water in our eye/incision.

    • You will be instructed by your Doctor, when you may drive and exercise.

    • For plastic surgery cases you will be advised on the use of ice packs and warm cloths


    • Do not rub your eye.

    • No prolonged bending or lifting more than 20 pounds.

    • The Doctor will instruct you if there are any specific positions required after your surgery.

    Eye Care

    • If an eye shield was applied during surgery, leave it on.

    • Your post-operative nurse will instruct you when to start your eye drops; as well as, which eye drops to use.

    • Wear your eye shield while sleeping for one week.

    • Your post-operative nurse will give you further eye care instructions at this time.

    • Wear your sunglasses as prescribed.

    • For plastic surgery cases please take your pain medication as prescribed and apply prescribed ointment to surgical site as advised.

    • Do not wear make-up until okayed by surgeon.

    Before instilling any eye drops, wash both of your hands thoroughly.

    Call your Doctor at 989-793-2820 if you have any of the following:

    • Pain not relieved by – Tylenol (Acetaminophen), Motrin (Ibuprofen) or Aleve (Naproxen Sodium), or prescription pain medication. For cataract/retinal/laser surgeries, your eye may burn, sting, and feel scratchy or itchy. It may feel like it has sand or an eye lash in it, this is normal.

    • Excessive bleeding or discharge from the eye (watery or pink/red tinged tears are normal).

    • Sudden change or loss of vision.

    Your follow up instructions and Doctor’s appointment will be given to you verbally and written down for your reference.

  • • Always wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water.

    • Do not wear eye make-up.

    • Do not touch the tip of eye drop containers to lashes.

    • Do not get soap and water in your eye/surgical site. This may cause burning and result in rubbing your eye.

    • Do not rub your eye.